We create permanent unisex collections to which new items are added every season, free from the rhythms of the official fashion system. We love the possibility to create and realize collections whenever we feel ready to introduce new garments and new ideas with a more emotional approach.
FADE OUT Label stands for comfort fit unisex clothing because we do not believe in the differentiation of gender, size or age.

/ BLACK COMMEDIA is a very urban and unisex collection inspired by 1990s Berlin Graffiti and Street Art in general, by the raw edge cuts of post-punk denim. The color chart comes in various shades of blue and white jeans and deep tones of black, vibrant green and explosive spots of pink.
Outerwear and notably trousers are cut in audacious and experimental ways exaggerating volume and shapes without complicating a comfortable and somewhat enveloping fit.

/ CRETINO FOSFORESCENTE is a collection of geometric cuts that exalt the body and its movement. In addition to the dynamic vibe of futurism, the collection is inspired by the practicality and aesthetics of workwear, the raw-cut fabrics typical of the punk movement, and street art graffiti.

/ VOLCANOES is a very urban and unisex collection inspired by 1970s ski wear cuts and by mountaineering in general, by the symbols of sailor’s woolen jacquards and by the raw edge cuts of post-punk denim.

/ ISOLE is a collection that plays with stripes, inspired by prisoner uniforms and bathing suits of the 20s.
Using three different making of stripes: patchwork, painted with bleach solution and applied stripes.